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Nonergodicity in Load and Recovery: Group Results Do Not Generalize to Individuals
International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

This article shows that group results on load and recovery in soccer, cannot be generalized to the individual players. These insights, and the accompanying implications, are important to encourage a personalized approach in sports.

Focus, vertrouwen, veerkracht en andere mentale aspecten van sport en presteren
A book by Nico W. Van Yperen
Are off-field activities an underestimated risk for hamstring injuries in Dutch male amateur soccer players? An exploratory analysis of a prospective cohort study.
Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise

Recreational soccer players spend reletively much time to non-soccer related activities like work and education. However. such activities, measured at the start of the season, are unrelated to incurring a hamstring injury.

From data collection to rapid feedback on the pitch - A hands-on demonstration based on a multidisciplinary project on resilience in sports
Workshop ACAPS conference, Montpellier
Dynamical Individual Processes in Sports: Evidence for Nonergodicity in Load and Recovery
Presentation at the International Congress of Complex Systems in Sport, 2020
Resilient Athletes: A Multidisciplinary, Personalized Approach
Presentation at the International Congress of Complex Systems in Sports, 2020
The merits of data science in sports: Revealing micro- and macro- processes of Resilience
Presentation at the ACAPS conference, Montpellier