Resilience in Sports

An investigation into the resilience of athletes

In order to stay healthy and perform optimally, athletes must be resilient. They have to deal with all kinds of "stressors", such as tough training sessions and lost games. When athletes do not recover properly from these stressors, they can get injured or experience a mental dip.

In this project we aim to provide insight into the resilience of athletes. Professional sports organizations, such as football clubs, already collect many physiological and psychological measurements of athletes. An important question to be answered is: How can these measurements be integrated and analyzed for each athlete individually? And how can we give athletes and trainers concrete feedback to improve mental and physical resilience?

In this project, psychologists, sports scientists, data scientists, and professional sports organizations work closely together to answer these questions. The project will run for four years and is funded by ZonMw with € 750,000.

Project partners